Hello April! Your Monthly Newsletter from Chelsea at Love by Chelsea

Hello and a lovely warm welcome to April!

Apologies for the Newsletter delay, unfortunately I’ve had some time off recently as my grandfather passed away and I flew to be with my family in Auckland. He had a wonderful send off and I enjoyed some very overdue family time!

Thanks to everyone for their kind messages and to those especially who were so patient and understanding over those weeks in regards to their orders.

Easter is fast approaching and I’m a bit shook as I feel it almost snuck up on me! Anyone else feel the same? Over the last month I've been busy behind the scenes doing the 'not-so-fun' business side of things like filing tax.

My First ever Newsletter!

Last month was the first month I created my first ever Newsletter and it included fun things like exclusive discount codes! Who made the most of last month’s VIP code? I trust you guys are loving it and I’m more than happy to share these codes with you guys as my way of saying thank you for all the love and support! If you want access to these codes be sure to subscribe via email!


Over the next week or two you can expect a huge Giveaway to celebrate Easter so be sure to check in on Instagram.

If your active on Social media you will have noticed I’ve started nominating products of the week! I then recycle this content and email it out for everyone to see as I use this opportunity to teach and share more information about each product. It dawned upon me a few weeks back that so many people didn’t realise how many different products I actually make and sell. This ensures I can provide equal content for each product and hopefully people may find something new they like!


With many mandates dropping across the country this opens up the opportunity to start attending events again! Unfortunately a lot of preparation goes into the baby expo’s and and baby shows and due to the nature of COVID, earlier this year I went ahead and cancelled my booking at the Auckland Baby expo which means I won’t be attending next month. I’m really sad about this but I’ll be sure to make it up to you online!

Brand rep Search

At the end of this month I’ll be searching for new Brand reps again! Brand reps are forever changing as it freshens up my content and provides me access to new potential customers which are your followers. Brand repping is all about sharing my products and what you love about them! Due to the nature of brand rep contracts I love to select Mama’s who already love my products and support the brand already. In return for your content you get 100% free product! If you think this might be a bit of you then send me a message via Instagram and let me know! All you need is a very active Instagram account and of course a baby or young child who uses some of my products. I look forward to hearing from you!

 Until then I hope you all have a lovely Easter break and thanks for all your on-going love and support!
Chelsea xxx



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