Pohutakawa cosy - Love by Chelsea
Pohutakawa cosy - Love by Chelsea

Pohutakawa cosy

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Love by Chelsea Cosy comforter with silicone ring

The cosy offers a soft sensory, soothing and calming experience. The soft  mink backed diamond shape cosy funnels down into a large knot at the bottom, this offers something strong to grasp onto & something different to chew on. 

The Cosy has been designed with maximum safety in mind! 

It is recommend that you have more than one Cosy ensuring you always have one while you do the washing, or a back-up comforter in the event that you misplace or lose one
  1. Comforter's are a great transition tool when beginning child care, or going to new and potentially unsettling places. The soft comforter works to soothe senses and provide the child with a sense of belonging, and a little piece of home beside them when they need it the most. 
  2. Comforter's can aid in sleep as your baby wakes they soon develop the potential to rely on the Cosy for comfort and develop the ability to self soothe. 
  3. When babies approach 8-9 months of age it is known they go through a strong attachment period to their mother, Cosy's are able to aid this transition especially when it smells just like mum!
  4. A Cosy helps your baby develop their independence and self help skills as they have a new tool & a new way to regulate their emotions independently.
  5. Cosy's are a great tool when out and about travelling! There is nothing more difficult than having to stop on the motorway, or on the side of the road when your baby is upset, so why not let the Cosy do the work!
  1. Silicone is softer and more malleable making it more exciting for babies to chew on! 
  2. When your babies gums are sore the silicone ring has a bit of flex, making it softer to chew on than wood. 
  3. Silicone is easier to clean, and quick to dry with minimal grooves and no chance of dents or chips in the future which makes it much more hygienic, durable and safe. 
  4. Wood is porous and has the potential to harbor bacteria which is not visible, silicone however is not.
  5. Wooden rings have the potential to naturally decay, weaken and break when dropped or thrown by your baby, where silicone will simply bounce.
  6. Silicone rings can be placed in the fridge or freezer and hold the coolness for longer. 
  7. Lastly silicone rings are more grippy making it easier for your child to grasp, the extra grippiness also holds onto the fabric preventing the ring from slipping around.
The Cosy can easily unclasp from the ring or pacifier, then untie the knot and place in washing machine while the silicone ring is washed in warm, soapy water.

• Do not bleach or tumble dry the Cosy.
• Unclasp the Cosy, untie the knot and place on a Cool, gentle machine wash.
• Hand wash silicone ring in hot soapy water & dry.

Ring dimensions: 45mm inner diameter 
- When clasped & Knot tied ; H: 26cm & W: 19cm
- Unclasped & untied: H: 41cm & W: 19cm

Please note due to the nature of handmade items the product fabric used will vary slightly, for example the animals or print on the fabric will be varied due to their size.

There are minimum attachments to the Cosy and NO filling, this means your baby is at less risk as over time there is a posing threat of ribbons, filling, attachments or inserts to tear off, or tear through the fabric and pose a choking hazard


  • The top fabric is 100% cotton making it breathable and absorbent with natural properties that allow the Cosy to dry quickly.  
  • The mink dot fabric is 100% polyester making it extra durable and long-lasting. 
  • Rings are 100% food grade silicone and are free from BPA, Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates, PVC and Latex.



I am a new Love By Chelsea customer and I am already addicted. They are the most beautiful products and delivery is so quick. I meet Chelsea at the baby expo and she is a delight, its nice too he able too put a face to the name and also support local. 100 stars from me!

Olivia Donnelly
- Google

My dribble bibs just arrived! Such quick service and they are absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to put them on my boy!

Lycinda Lett
- Facebook

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