Love by Chelsea started in October 2018 by myself Chelsea Rauner, in North Canterbury New Zealand.

As many good solutions, it started with a problem.

With the arrival of two new family members I started the search for the perfect gift, as you do when your an Aunty! 

As I lived so far away from both babies I searched for something sentimental, light, purposeful and small enough to be shipped to the UK and Auckland. My gift had to be perfect, so this is when I started making dribble bibs.

The perfect gift for a new baby!

Quickly I found myself a new passion for sewing - all sparked by two special babies, my niece Thea and my nephew Elliot.

  My passion became my dream job. 

So over a series of months I tested and trialled different bib sizes and fabrics with many babies & toddlers to see what fabrics absorbed the most, what sizes work the best and with all this knowledge I drew up my own personal dribble bib patterns with specific sizing to meet each age groups personal needs.            

You could say I started to solve the wet t-shirt problem! 

Love by Chelsea brings you unique bibs that work for hours! A product that fits our kiwi kids, a product that grows with our babies which has quickly been recognised and recommended by kiwi mums.

I started this venture to make gifts but became determined to construct the perfect bib to protect the little chins and chests out there from the constant dribble.

Dribble rashes aren’t nice, and neither is wearing a wet t-shirt! 

So this is where I can help!

I’m so proud to be on this venture providing bibs to you which are handmade to high standards and of course made with love.

So thanks NZ for your support and I hope you can find exactly what your looking for in the Love by Chelsea store.


Love Chelsea xx

Love by Chelsea OhBaby