About Love by Chelsea

Chelsea of Love by Chelsea

How It Started

Love by Chelsea started off as a passionate hobby of mine in 2018! I loved sewing and creating beautiful keepsakes for those around me and it naturally grew over the years into my full time venture.

Love by Chelsea Baby Bibs

Love by Chelsea Products

Everything at Love by Chelsea is original and carefully designed by myself - Chelsea. From handpicked fabrics to hand drawn designs and sizing, there is no other product like it. Every product made has undergone thorough research and testing. Months have been spent perfecting each product to specifically meet your needs and check all of your boxes.

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Formulated Design

Every product design is formulated with research, safety and my personal experience. Having a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education gave me an abundance of knowledge and a decade of experience with infants and toddlers across New Zealand. Communicating with many different families whilst testing my products on different women, children and babies allowed me to formulate safe designs that work.

Love by Chelsea Feeder Bib

Who are we here for?

YOU. Love by Chelsea may have started off as a hobby but I always had a clear vision and aim in mind, and that is to provide you with fashionable, affordable handmade products designed to work and last. Each year Love by Chelsea quickly adapts and expands the range of products and information that cater to new and young families. Love by Chelsea is continuously engaging with families across New Zealand to support and provide in any way possible. I have high hopes to keep working hard and grow the brand in ways that will widely benefit families in our communities.

Love by Chelsea

Aim & Vision

My aim and vision over the coming years is to create and design more new products and solutions that make parenting a little bit easier. I am so passionate about sharing my products with new parents and having open communication with customers online, this is something I want to strengthen in years to come as Love by Chelsea was built on the foundation of trust and communication. I hope to become a household brand that is known for its customer service, style, quality and affordability.

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Follow the journey

If you are interested in finding out more about Love by Chelsea, you can follow the journey on Instagram @LovebyChelsea

Here you Can watch and learn about the products available and see how passionate I am about providing you with the best. Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about me and my business.

Chelsea xx