Post and payment

What do you mean by processing time?

When you place an order the processing time commences. As most items are made to order I need time to create, cut and sew your order together. The amount of time it will take to create your order and get it ready to dispatch is called processing time. On average you can expect a wait 3-5 working days for your order to be processed, during higher demand periods the maximum wait time may increase up to 10 working days.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Once your order has been dispatched you can expect an average wait between 3-7 working days. Please note on occasion it may take 10-14 working days depending on the location and demand of the postage company - Especially during high demand periods. Please wait a minimum of 3 weeks before you contact me enquiring where your parcel is, after 3 weeks I am able to lodge an enquiry with NZ post but before this time I have no information unless the tracking upgrade was selected.

Where is my tracking number?

You will receive an email when your order has been dispatched. On this email it will provide you with the Tracking number for your parcel and it will also inform you what company is responsible for delivery. Enter this tracking number into the courier's website to track your parcel's progress.

What post service do you use?

Orders are sent using the New Zealand Courier Post overnight service.

What payment options do you accept?

 Love by Chelsea accepts all major debit & Credit cards, PayPal, Laybuy & AfterPay

What age are your bibs recommended for?

Dribble bibs and feeder bibs are designed and recommended to fit from birth to the early years. While it may be a little spacious in the first few weeks of life, it will soon become snug and a desirable fit with 3 closing options. Each close has approximately 2-4cm between the other allowing your bib to fit from birth, and grow in width alongside your child as needed. 

On average bibs fit right up to 3-5 years of age, this is only a recommendation as it all depends on the size and rate that your child grows. 

What are Dribble bibs?

Dribble bibs are designed to clasp around your babies neck sitting nicely under the chin fitting from birth to the early years. Love by Chelsea dribble bibs are made of 100% cotton (excluding linen products) making them breathable, absorbent and quick drying. Love by Chelsea dribble bibs have been proven effective to relieve and prevent dribble rash and eczema around the chin and neck area of your child due to the breathable and absorbent fabric used. 

What are feeder bibs used for?

Love by Chelsea feeder bibs have been designed specifically for extra coverage and made with a stronger, thicker and more durable cotton top to withstand feeding times. Feeder bibs are also backed with cotton toweling making them absorbent which allows them to hold more puree and soft food. Feeder bibs are available in 6 gorgeous earthy tone colour's which means they are stylish enough to wear all day long if this shape and style suits your needs better.  Feeder bibs are designed to fit from birth to the early years.

What age will my child start teething?

On average your child will start teething anywhere between 6 months to 2 years of age. Some children start even younger! When teething commences you can expect excess dribble which is not always, but often accompanied with sore swollen gums and a passion for chewing. A great kit to combat teething is to have great dribble bibs to soak up the excess saliva and of course you need teething rings on standby! Teething rings are excellent for your baby to chew on as this is exactly what they are designed for, it is not always safe to allow your child to chew on anything and everything due to the materials and natural deterioration of items, especially items with paint, wheels, ribbons, stuffed items and bean filled items. Love by Chelsea teething rings are designed with safety in mind with minimal attachments and a safe food grade silicone ring which is easily cleaned. To learn more about teething rings have a read on the product description.

Why should I purchase your silicone teething ring instead of wood? 

1. Silicone is softer and more malleable making it more exciting for baby to chew on!  
2. When your baby's gums are sore the silicone ring has a bit of flex, making it softer to chew on than wood.  
3. Silicone is easier to clean, and quick to dry with minimal grooves and no chance of dents or chips in the future which makes it much more hygienic, durable and safe 
4. Wood is porous and has the potential to harbor bacteria which is not visible, silicone however is not and can not harbor bacteria when cleaned properly. 
5. Wooden rings have the potential to naturally decay, weaken and break when dropped or thrown by your baby, where silicone will simply always bounce. 
6. Silicone rings can be placed in the fridge or freezer and hold's the coolness for longer.  
7. Lastly silicone rings are more grippy making it easier for your child to grasp, the extra grippiness also holds onto the fabric preventing the ring from slipping around. 

What is a baby comforter used for?

Comforter's are a great transition tool when beginning child care, going to new places or experiencing potentially unsettling moments. The soft comforter works to soothe senses and provide the child with a sense of belonging, and a little piece of home beside them when they need it the most. The Love by Chelsea Cosy comforter is your baby's new best friend with all the extra comfort your child needs. If your baby has a dummy, the claps section is a great attachment for this and prevents you from loosing the dummy every time it get’s tossed. The most common reason for the Cosy or comforter's is when babies approach 8-9 months of age it is known they go through a strong attachment period to their mother, Cosy's are able to aid this transition especially when it smells just like mum!

Do you stock product in stores?

Not at this stage, but when I do I will list the stores below. However you can count on finding me at Baby expo's and baby show's.