Benefits of a baby comforter?

  1. Comforter's are a great transition tool when beginning child care, or going to new and potentially unsettling places. The soft comforter works to soothe senses and provide the child with a sense of belonging, and a little piece of home beside them when they need it the most. 
  2. Comforter's can aid in sleep as your baby wakes they soon develop the potential to rely on the Cosy for comfort and develop the ability to self soothe. 
  3. When babies approach 8-9 months of age it is known they go through a strong attachment period to their mother, Cosy's are able to aid this transition especially when it smells just like mum!
  4. A Cosy helps your baby develop their independence and self help skills as they have a new tool & a new way to regulate their emotions independently.
  5. Cosy's are a great tool when out and about travelling! There is nothing more difficult than having to stop on the motorway, or on the side of the road when your baby is upset, so why not let the Cosy do the work!