Why a Silicone ring instead of wood?

  1. Silicone is softer and more malleable making it more exciting for babies to chew on! 
  2. When your babies gums are sore the silicone ring has a bit of flex, making it softer to chew on than wood. 
  3. Silicone is easier to clean, and quick to dry with minimal grooves and no chance of dents or chips in the future which makes it much more hygienic, durable and safe. 
  4. Wood is porous and has the potential to harbor bacteria which is not visible, silicone however is not.
  5. Wooden rings have the potential to naturally decay, weaken and break when dropped or thrown by your baby, where silicone will simply bounce.
  6. Silicone rings can be placed in the fridge or freezer and hold the coolness for longer. 
  7. Lastly silicone rings are more grippy making it easier for your child to grasp, the extra grippiness also holds onto the fabric preventing the ring from slipping around.