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Floral bunny 5-pack flannel wipes

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Love by Chelsea reusable wipes are designed to be soft, absorbent but also on the thin side to ensure not too much absorbency of the water before wiping.

They are easy to clean, easy to store away in your draw or in your baby bag and they are a great size so you can get lots of wiping done in one cloth! 


Approximately  22cm x 20cm, some are slightly larger.

This listing is for 5 cloths. 

This pack will include any of these designs pictured above, not necessarily in the exact amounts of what you can see. For example one pack may include 2 fox’s, 2 grey crosses and 1 farmland trees, while another may have 1 fox, 2 grey crosses and 2 farmland trees.

Cloth designs you will receive:

- Purple flora

- Grey polka dots 

- Bunny


Single ply - 100%  cotton flannel. 


100% Cotton thread in an overlocked stitch to prevent fraying.

Did you know the U.K alone dump over 11 billion wet wipes a year? And that each wet wipe takes at least 100 years to disintegrate! 

Whether you use wet wipes for your face, for wiping hands after a snack, or using them for nappy changes it’s simple and easy to make a change to reusable wet wipes like these!

Not only do disposable wet wipes damage our environment, sometimes disposable wet wipes can cause irritation on your wee ones skin making sensitive areas such as the groin very hard to ease. 


These wipes are designed and hand sewn by me, Chelsea!

Pre soaking benefits

If you use your wipes for nappy changing, I recommend  you soak them first. This prevents poo drying onto your wipes and makes them more effective for wiping.

If your using them for anything else just run them under warm water and squeeze out the excess and your away!

Pre soak Solutions:

There are plenty of pre soaking solutions for reusable wet wipes! You will find plenty online, and you will find the one that works best for you & your family as each babies skin is so different and sensitive. When you get the hang of making your own solutions, play around with quantities and ingredients to find what works best and what preferences you may have. If your not into making solutions there is options to buy pre-made nappy solutions on the internet. Here’s a straight forward home made solution I have found on the internet. 


All you need is..

1. Reusable wipes

2. A sealable container large enough to lay wipes inside. 

 3. Boiled or purified water : Boiled and purified water ensures there is no bacteria in the water before you soak your wipes in. Once cooled add approximately 1 & 1/2 cups to a container large enough to lay your wipes into, and one that can be sealed shut to avoid contamination.

4. A dash of coconut oil which has many natural antibacterial properties as well as providing moisture to the skin. Add 1-2 melted tablespoons to your mixture : play around with this and you will find the texture you prefer.

5. If you have a basic soap for baby this is a great time to add a dash whether it’s for a bit of fragrance or added piece of mind to keep things extra clean. Add 1-2 tablespoons to your mix. 

Once your solution is made, fold your wipes in half and lay them inside your container. Fill your container with the solution - This should cover a decent amount of wipes.

How many wipes do I need?

From the research I have done, the most common answer is below.

20-40 wipes depending on how many kids you have and how often you wash them - homemade or bought.

To help the washing process after wiping and to avoid poo’s and wee drying onto wipes have 2 sealed tubs with the solutions - one for clean wipes, one for mucky. This means it won’t dry on and will prevent stains from setting in. Then you have an opportunity to wait until your ready to wash them in the machine.

Care instructions:

• If using wipes for nappy changes it is recommended you wash on a 60min+ wash on 40 degrees. Any hotter and you may loose the colour & patterns on the wipes.

• If using for nappy changes it is also a recommendation to use a laundry additive to ensure the wipes are sanitized.

• If your wipes harden over time depending on your water supply, try adding white vinegar to your wash to remove the stiffness. 

• If you are having trouble removing stains, line dry your wipes in direct sunlight. Have a google about baby poo and how UV light breaks it down! Fascinating!

• Do not bleach or tumble dry. 








I am a new Love By Chelsea customer and I am already addicted. They are the most beautiful products and delivery is so quick. I meet Chelsea at the baby expo and she is a delight, its nice too he able too put a face to the name and also support local. 100 stars from me!

Olivia Donnelly
- Google

My dribble bibs just arrived! Such quick service and they are absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to put them on my boy!

Lycinda Lett
- Facebook

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