Pohutakawa burp cloth (L) - Love by Chelsea
Pohutakawa burp cloth (L) - Love by Chelsea
Pohutakawa burp cloth (L) - Love by Chelsea
Love by Chelsea

Pohutakawa burp cloth (L)

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This LARGE Pohutakawa burp cloth is the perfect tool for that baby bag of yours and every day use around the house. 

Great to have on standby or over your shoulder while burping your bub, it’s also great to dab and mop up any spills & liquids coming your way making it perfect for newborn babies and babies who struggle with reflux to!

Think of burp cloths as your wardrobe saviour! 

Burp cloths are a must have in the parental survival kit, these are absorbent and work well to shield clothes and shoulders.

Love by Chelsea burp cloths are designed to last and dry quickly as the 100% cotton is breathable allowing it to dry fast, plus the natural airing fibres works to prevent bacteria growth.   

I’m always told you can never have too many burp cloths!


LARGE:  H: 29cm x 21cm rectangle.


*** Top Materials *** 

100% cotton.

*** BACKING *** 

TOWEL: Towel is 100% cotton and it’s super absorbent.

** MORE INFO ** ⁣ ⁣ 

All burp cloths are designed and hand sewn by me, Chelsea!

*Patterns on burp cloths may vary slightly.

Care instructions

  • Do not bleach or tumble dry.
  • Cool, gentle machine wash.



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