Love by Chelsea Baby Carrier cover- Carry Mate
Love by Chelsea Baby Carrier Cover - Carry Mate
Love by Chelsea Baby Carrier Cover - Carry Mate
Love by Chelsea Baby Carrier Cover - Carry Mate
Love by Chelsea Baby Carrier Cover - Carry Mate

Terracotta Carry Mate

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The Carry Mate is my latest Creation! 

Carrier in pictures : Ergo baby & Beco 8


It's a one of a kind, One piece design insuring all the basics are covered!

The Love by Chelsea Carry Mate is designed to be thin, absorbent and in one single piece to make it secure perfectly over your carrier. The Carry Mate is very durable and will protect your carrier from Dribble, Biting, Spew and Food.

Quick Overview

- Strong durable fabrics selected.
- Unique Universal One piece design to fit over many carriers.
- Maximum protection and coverage.
- Fleece inner to allow absorption and comfort while staying thin.
- 450mm Waterproof bottom layer for added protection.

Full Description below:

The Carry Mate has been designed with these features in mind


100% Cotton Drill, so while its breathable and absorbent it is also strong and resistant to stains and marks. The bottom layer consists of a strong waterproof Nylon which makes the overall design long lasting and tough against wear and tear.


There are many different designs on the market to offer your carrier some protection, but nothing like the Carry Mate which offers MAXIUMUM protection and a universal fit! The Carry Mate is in one single piece which minimizes movement on top of your Carrier and offers extreme durability due to the nature of the fabrics selected. The size, shape and complete design has been formulated to fit as many Carrier's as possible. Read the full list of Carrier's it fits below under the sizing bar. 


We all know how expensive Carrier's can be and how easily they stain. Carrier's are something that tend to hold their worth when it comes to Re-Sale value so why not protect it? The Carry Mate design offers coverage as it securely covers the straps, part of the inside of the carrier where food, dribble & spew may run when facing outwards and it covers the top of the outside. The large size, but thin absorbent design allows for so much coverage and protection whilst not feeling bulky.


The extra coverage is provided by Cotton Drill fabric which combats the biting while still being absorbent and breathable allowing it to dry quickly. The middle layer is 100% Polyester Fleece lining, it's 220gsm which allows for great absorbency, quick drying and it adds a little soft cushion to the design. The bottom layer is followed by 100% Nylon which is 450mm strong Waterproof liner.

Care Instructions

Spot clean with a warm cloth where possible.
When in need for a full wash place the carrier inside a laundry bag to ensure it is protected and wont catch on any part of your washing machine. Place on a Cool, Gentle Machine wash and line dry in shade.

DO NOT PUT ON HOT WASH OR IN DRYER - This will melt & damage the Nylon backing. 


Designed specifically to fit over the Ergo Baby & Beco carrier models, However with the universal adjustments it also fits over the following:

- Ergo baby 360
- Ergo baby adapt
- Beco 8
- Beco Gemini
- Lille baby complete
- Mountain buggy Juno
- Baby first Elite Cruiser
- Boba X
- LennyUp Infant
- LennyUp Toddler
- Infantino Flip

DOES NOT FIT: Baby Bjorn or Nuna CUDL. I am working on a new specific design for the Nuna CUDL.

Please allow approximately 14 days for pre-order's to be shipped.

This allows time for new & more materials to arrive and for your carrier cover to be made.

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